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Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment Planning

Dr. Rinker performs comprehensive psychiatric evaluations to build a complete picture of each patient's needs and treatment goals.  The evaluation consists of a diagnostic assessment, review of previous medical and psychiatric records, and consultation with patients' medical providers, therapists, and families as indicated.  She may also order blood work or recommend further medical or psychological testing.


Throughout the evaluation process, Dr. Rinker pays close attention to her patients' unique circumstances, values, challenges, and priorities so that treatment plans are both effective and realistic.  Treatment recommendations may include medications, vitamins and supplements, psychotherapy, and lifestyle interventions.  Dr. Rinker educates her patients about their conditions and the risks and benefits of each treatment option so that they can make informed decisions about their care.

Medication Management

When appropriate, Dr. Rinker prescribes and manages psychiatric medications for children, adolescents, and adults.  She chooses medications to treat illnesses and target symptoms, while minimizing side effects and interference with daily life.  At each appointment, Dr. Rinker carefully listens to her patients' feedback and makes adjustments as necessary to achieve psychiatric wellness.


Dr. Rinker also recommends vitamins and supplements to treat some conditions.  She has partnered with FullScript to create an online dispensary that offers patients a safe and convenient way to purchase supplements and other natural health products.

Supportive Counseling

Dr. Rinker incorporates supportive counseling and patient education into every appointment and believes they are vital components of quality care.  She offers individual psychotherapy on a limited basis.

                      Pharmacogenomic Testing

GeneSight is a genetic test that helps healthcare providers take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine for patients. 

Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

Ketamine is currently the only psychedelic that is legal in Minnesota to treat patients outside of a research setting.  Dr. Rinker offers in-office sublingual and intramuscular ketamine-assisted therapy for patients who are likely to benefit.  As additional medicines (MDMA, psilocybin) are legalized for treatment in the future, Dr. Rinker will thoughtfully incorporate them into her clinical practice.

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