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New Patients

What to expect...

When you arrive at our office, Rachel will greet you and collect your insurance information, new patient paperwork, and payment.  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time if you are going to complete the paperwork in the office, or 10 minutes prior to your appointment time if you are bringing completed paperwork with you.


You will then meet with Dr. Rinker.  The evaluation typically lasts between 90 and 120 minutes.  Children are often seen with their parents for the first half of the evaluation, and when appropriate, by themselves for the second half.  Parents who would like to meet with Dr. Rinker without their children present can let Rachel know this when they call or first arrive.

Dr. Rinker's style is interactive, relaxed, and flexible.  Throughout your visit, your questions and feedback are welcomed!

Rachel or Dr. Rinker will schedule your subsequent appointments.  The frequency and length of your visits will be determined by your specific needs and treatment goals. Most follow-up appointments last up to 25 minutes.


We look forward to meeting you!


Let's get started!

*New Patient Appointment


If you are interested in becoming our patient,

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