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Family Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Certified Psychedelic Practitioner & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider

Dr. Rinker (formerly Schiess) is a board-certified nurse practitioner in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, and a Certified Psychedelic Practitioner and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider (PATP). Her approach is evidence-based, holistic, collaborative, and grounded in the art and science of Caring and Connection


Dr. Rinker has practiced in schools, residential facilities, community health centers, and multidisciplinary clinics, but she most enjoys independent practice because it affords her the time and flexibility to truly care for her patients.

Dr. Rinker earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University and her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from the University of Minnesota. She completed more than 2 years of formal education and training in psychedelic-assisted therapy, earning certificates from The Synthesis Institute and the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. She also received training through MAPS PBC. Dr. Rinker has profound gratitude for her many teachers, mentors, and guides — from neuroscientists, physicians, psychotherapists, and nurses, to shamans, Buddhist chaplains, medicine women, and one brilliant clown.

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While Dr. Rinker shares in the collective excitement regarding the potential for healing within the Psychedelic Renaissance, she fervently advocates that the realization of safe and transformative outcomes hinges on its practitioners' unwavering reverence for this sacred endeavor. Her dedication extends to serving on the board of Inanna Rising: "A sacred healing collective of psychedelic medicine & therapeutic clinicians dedicated to ushering in a new era of mental health & well-being... a collective of highly trained medical & therapeutic clinicians who are at the forefront of patient-centered, ethical, socially responsible care."

Rachel Henry, RN

Registered Nurse


Rachel is a seasoned psychiatric nurse with hands-on experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with a wide variety of mental health conditions. She has worked in residential treatment, home health care, and outpatient medical and mental health clinics.


Rachel works closely with Dr. Rinker and provides nursing care during psychedelic medicine sessions. She also assists in identifying and minimizing barriers to care by providing patient education and community resources as well as serving as a patient advocate.


Rachel is also the clinic administrator, first point of contact when calling our office, and general miracle worker. She is committed to providing a positive, patient-centered experience and is able to assist with appointment scheduling, medication questions and refills, and general office and billing inquiries.

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